Regardless of how much driving you plan on doing this winter, if you will be on the roads at all it is vital that your vehicle is ready to handle the conditions. The following important preparations will help keep you, your passengers and your vehicle safe this winter no matter how crazy the conditions get.

Switch to winter tires

If you live somewhere that gets colder than 0°C you need winter tires, because the rubber used in regular tires hardens as the temperatures drop, losing traction as a result. Winter tires feature sophisticated rubber compounds that are designed to maintain their flexibility and traction even in extremely cold conditions, while their aggressive tread patterns make carving through ice and snow easy.

Protect your interior

Winter can certainly be a messy time of year for a vehicle, as the constant stream of wet, muddy or snow covered boots can make it difficult keeping your ride clean. Investing in protective mats with deep wells and channels can do wonders to keep the mess under control as well as minimise damage; however, for more comprehensive protection invest in custom liners designed to suit your vehicle.

Invest in a tune up

You won’t want to be in the middle of a snow storm or dealing with minus 40 temperatures when you discover that something is wrong with your vehicle, so have your mechanic conduct a thorough inspection ASAP. Investing in a winterize package will ensure that everything from your battery and defrost to your fluids, brakes and engine are fully prepared for winter conditions.

Consider a few upgrades

Make your vehicle a dream to drive all winter long by upgrading a few of those more important elements. Upgrading to winter wipers will ensure you have maximum visibility in even heavy rain and snow; a remote opener will let you warm up your vehicle from the comfort of your own home, while running boards will protect the sides of your vehicle and make it easier to clean off your boots before you get inside. Apart from improving your winter driving experience those upgrades will boost the value of your vehicle as well.

Prepare a winter emergency kit

Even the best vehicles can get caught out by a winter storm occasionally making it vital that you are prepared for anything and having a winter emergency kit won’t just keep you and your passengers safe; it will come in handy if you come across other motorists in need as well. Your kit should include each of the following items.

  • Booster cables
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Full charged cell phone
  • Ice scraper
  • Sand
  • Hand warmers
  • Extra clothes, gloves and blankets
  • Energy bars

If you haven’t had your vehicle winterized yet the highly skilled Revolution Auto Group mechanics can help. Those looking for their next vehicle will also find plenty of fantastic new and used options right here, so give us a call, check out our wide selection online or drop by and see us in person at one of our many convenient Revolution Auto Group locations.