Hybrid vehicles have become increasingly popular as more people have become concerned with the environment; however, contrary to popular misconception, there is far more to these impressive vehicles than just low emissions. Here is a brief look at what hybrid vehicles are all about.


Clean energy

Hybrid vehicles are most famous for their use of clean energy, and for good reason, as they produce between 25 and 30% fewer CO2 emissions than the average car. This remarkable feat is achieved by dividing the car’s workload between two engines; one powered by gas or diesel, the other by a high tech battery. These extremely efficient vehicles also have impressive aerodynamics, they utilize energy saving features such as LED lighting and smart air conditioning, and every time you hit the brakes you help recharge the battery.

Fuel efficient

It takes a whole lot less fuel to power a hybrid vehicle due to a combination of it being lighter, more aerodynamic, and of course, using electric power rather than fuel whenever possible. Amazingly, hybrid vehicles get their greatest fuel efficiency at lower speeds in city driving conditions where they can get anywhere from 48 to 60 miles per gallon.


Hybrids have established themselves as seriously durable cars, thanks in large part to the success of the Toyota Prius. One of the secrets to the longevity of hybrids is having two engines, because with each engine only working part time they tend to last considerably longer and even oil changes are required less frequently.

Tax incentives

Now that many governments are focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and safeguarding the environment there are a number of rebates available for those looking to follow suit. This means you may be eligible for thousands of dollars’ worth of rebates when you buy a hybrid vehicle.


Less efficient at high speeds

Because hybrids are at their most efficient at lower speeds, if you do a lot of highway driving you will miss out on some of the hybrid’s famous fuel efficiency. You will still enjoy highly competitive miles per gallon, just not the industry leading variety.

More expensive

Even though they have come down in price in recent years, buying a hybrid vehicle will usually set you back a little more than the average vehicle. So for those looking for a bargain priced vehicle most hybrids may be a little outside of your budget.

Less power

Hybrids have gotten far more powerful in recent years and can easily hit highway speeds, but if you are looking for a car with a lot of grunt you may be better off with one that has a dedicated gas or diesel powered engine.

Fewer options

While the hybrid vehicle market has expanded considerably of late it is still no match for the variety you get from the gas or diesel powered sector. While this is sure to change in the coming years, in the meantime your hybrid options remain rather limited.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, hybrids provide an eco-friendly option that is highly competitive in terms of style, durability and performance. If you need help finding the right vehicle for you, contact us today.